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Form development can be slow and painstaking work. Use Morf to rapidly generate web forms that can be embedded anywhere from enrollment and onboarding experiences to HR systems and native apps.

Low code vs. Slow code

Morf automatically generates form interfaces from a simple JSON declaration syntax. The Morf editor includes a live preview that hot reloads as you are authoring.

Forget CI/CD

Morf offers hassle free publishing of your forms with a simple embed tag that can be deployed anywhere. Use a tool that fits into your development workflow without being slowed down by it.

JSON all the way

Morf creates forms using a JSON syntax and those forms generate JSON data for submission or processing.

  • Interoperability

    Your forms don't exist in a vacuum, so we've built Morf to be as interoperable as possible.

  • Native Event Tracking

    The Morf embed tag includes the entire JSON form, which allows your analytics services to natively track form events.

  • Transform Your Data

    Use the Morf data transform API to easily transform and prepare your form data for consumption.

Still not convinced?

Morf removes the largest barriers to building and scaling form processes in your business business applications.
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Building Forms

Using Morf

Building forms from scratch
Automated conversion of PDF or Word forms
Hand coding form styling
Automatically inherits page styles
Navigating accesibility standards
Sensible defaults for accessibility
Time consuming updates and changes
Create and publish changes in minutes
Requires deep subject matter expertise
Can be done by any technical team member
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